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The New Haiku Kaiju Review

"Kaiju" is Japanese for "giant monster". "Haiku" is Japanese for "little poem". "Review" is Japanese for -- well, possibly "my aunt's hat" or "a small fish that is mostly poisonous" -- I don't know, I don't speak Japanese. But in English, it means "my opinion, and you'll darn well like it" (our friends in England may wish to replace "darn" with "bloody" -- by all means, don't let us stop you).

Anyway, this page will feature relatively fresh (that is, posted every day or so -- ye gods, if "relatively fresh" isn't a positively sparkling and dynamic marketing term!) haiku discussing and/or reviewing a giant monster movie.

Please feel free to submit Kaiju Haiku of your own to, and I'll post 'em here. Remember, the rules are:

a) must be about a giant monster movie (or reasonably large monster, heck, any movie that has a decent monster in it...I am not counting the horrifically cute and perky Meg Ryan),
b) probably doesn't rhyme,
c) 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Today's kaiju haiku, about a film starring Janet Leigh and DeForest Kelly, in which giant mutant rabbits (portrayed by regular-sized rabbits in front of very bad miniature sets) attack Arizona:


Lepus means "bunny"
What happens if big bunny
Lays Cadbury egg?

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